Unified Communication as a Service does have that intimidating sound to it, but nowadays, it’s more commonplace than one might think. Instead of old school land lines, we find ourselves leveraging our existing internet connection for your voice/telecom needs.

In the workplace it’s no different. UCaaS brings a whole new set of rules in your infrastructure that provides both reliable and secure communication delivered on your favorite devices. UCaaS really shines when it comes to how seamless its feature-set can integrate with your existing infrastructure for both on site and remote workers with the ability to just work on about any device you can throw it on (Computers, tablets, existing mobile devices).

UCaaS focuses more on delivering a solution to your company rather than adding physical hardware that has to be maintained and recycled overtime. UCaaS makes it easier for you to simply pay for what you use and not have to deal with the clutter and inconvenience of having an On-Prem Solution.


UCaaS Trade-Off over On-prem

The main tradeoffs of UCaaS are quite compelling:

  • The Upfront cost is generally very attractive since you have less hardware to buy
  • The system is solid, secure and flexible – allowing you to use it anywhere
  • Feature-rich and easy to deploy and manage. 
  • Responsive, up to date and easy to use
  • Integrates well with your current systems (PC, Android, IOS Phones)
  • Voicemail access, transcriptions, recording features are available
  • There are different options out there and we help you make the best decision for your business.


Delivery & Customization

Licenses & Integration

Licensing is a breeze. You simply pay for what you use. Many cloud telephony applications out there integrate seamlessly with other application giving your more control.

System Features

You'll be shocked to realize how simple setup can be and how easy it can be to find some of your favorite feautres

Redundancy Options

Redundancy is always a huge concerns. How do we handle failovers are always a concern. there are solutions in place to effectively address these.

Analogs & Faxes

Many industries still rely heavily on faxes and analog lines to communicate. How do we cover these needs in a cloud solution? We have answers to provide that support as well.

Physical Devices or Mobile

New or old, your physical devices can be used. as well as access to your internal company number on your current mobile devices

Voicemail & Messages

Get your messages on the go from anywhere. This is so seamless, it makes sure that you have the ability to stay on top of your tasks.

Why work with us

We Know this Business

We have more than 3 decades of experience in this business. We can cut through the Jargon and get you the best cloud solution that suits your needs.

Services and Support

We support your system even when it's out of manufacturer support. Hey, it happens, sometimes it make financial to get the best out of your system while you still can. We stand with you.

Best Practices Are Followed Here

We follow best practices to deliver the solutions you've come to expect. We work as your direct IT Consultant or as an extended part of your current team to maximize your effectiveness in the marketplace

We're in For The Long Haul

When you're ready to upgrade, when you need to stay safe and make adjustments. We are the ones standing right by you to do right by you.

UCaaS All the Way

Improve the management of your company and save money by making wiser decisions. Discover all the services we offer.